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  • Rayan and Wael, supported by Rayan’s family, spend a month renovating Rayan’s family’s old warehouse and transformed it into the Bildits manufacturing company to work on the prototype
  • With a goal to officially launch the product by Christmas of that year, the team was on a tight schedule and budget but after 7 months of hard work, personal finances poured in and many iterations later the first version of Bildits was ready.
  • That year Bildits joined “Alt City” a Lebanese accelerator program which ended up injecting 20,000$ in the project which allowed the registration of Bildits SAL.
  • The team further pushed their efforts and won the “Grow My Business” competition which saw another 20,000$ investment in the company.
  • Proving themselves internationally Bildits rank third in the “Creative Business Cup”, an international competition which takes place in Copenhagen in which they were representing Lebanon
  • After the product launch, and an appearance on local TV channel MTV Lebanon, Bildits with the invaluable help of friends and family was able to manufacture and sell its first 100 kits with no marketing efforts through Joue Club (a French toy store franchise)