• 2019 was a year with a lot of expectations for Bildits, the team took a loan supported by the STEP program and developed the Beginner(6+) and Intermediate(8+) kits targeted towards a younger audience than the original Advanced(10+)  kit. Rawad Fakhry and Yendy Neaimeh were hired as instructor managers for the instructors giving lessons at schools.
  • The number of schools to adopt the Bildits workshop was expected to grow to around 70 schools with an expected total of around 3000 students. Furthermore, 100 university students were trained to give Bildits workshops all over Lebanon. Bildits was also a huge success at an exposition in Dubai, where workshops were given, and the very positive feedback was received confirming Dubai as an area of interest for Bildit’s expansion.
  • The economic situation in the country proved to take its toll again and a majority of the schools ended up having to focus on their compulsory curricula due to the start of the revolution and missed days of class. Therefore, the actual number of schools to adopt the workshop went back to 21 with 700 students enrolled which is not the expected number but still a considerable increase all things considered.
  • Again, Bildits called for the support of its community which helped with the packaging of 1000 beginner, 600 intermediate and 250 advanced kits. And despite all odds and the situation of the country, Bildits pushed on with its marketing campaign and sales allowed Bildits to cover the loan and bounce back!
  • Despite the instability of the situation in Lebanon, Bildits wants to share its love of building with the world and we firmly believe that by expanding our company beyond the geographical borders of Lebanon we can grow like never before.
  • Bildits succeeded thanks to the love and support of their families and friends, and to all the Lebanese parents who believed in the importance of such an educational tool despite all the financial difficulties. Bildits is now a successful innovative product that is ready to expand.

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