Instructor Certification

Become a certified Bildits Instructor

We would like to thank you for taking interest in our instructor certification program you will find details about the program below as well as a form to fill if you’re interested to get in touch with the team!

Bildits Educational Workshop is being integrated in numerous schools as an extracurricular activity
where students will have the chance to learn construction and engineering concepts while having fun building their own

The workshop is designed to help children acquire various skills and competencies like:

– Developing their motor skills
– Developing their curiosity for science
– Improving their problem solving skills
– Learning basic concepts of engineering and architecture
– Learning to apply divergent thinking
– Actively making use of their imagination and creativity
– Having the ability to apply notions learned in school (physics, chemistry and mathematics)
– Learning through experimentation, group interaction and fun
– Teamwork and group dynamics

In order to become a Bildits certified workshops instructor, you’ll go through a simple training and pass a

There are 3 different certificates available. (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
Please note that while performing the steps of the training, you will be asked to take pictures and
share them with the Bildits certification team.
There will also be a small quiz at the end of each training level to make sure you covered all the concepts we tackle in the training series.

In order to be eligible for the application, kindly fill in the form below and we will get back to you via email with the instructions for the next step of the training.
The training cost varies for each level and includes the respective Bildits kit you will need to complete the steps.
The beginner course costs 40$, the intermediate course 80$ and the advanced course costs 160$.

Once you become a certified instructor you can directly purchase the kits you need from Bildits at
discounted prices and you’ll have access to various presentations and content that we tailor to the students in our workshops.
You will also have access to direct support and feedback from the Bildits team.

So fill in the form and let’s get Bilding!