Jungle House (8+)



Jungle House: Get ready to live on the wild side.

Create a cool double-story Jungle House using our specially designed molds, precast walls and patented cement mix. Depending on the design you choose, this build can be used as a real bird house once finished. Develop motor skills while applying modern construction techniques to create terraces that’s fit for any king or queen of the jungle to view their favorite animals from.

Jungle House is part of the Bildits Pro Series. With these kits, young creators can start thinking and constructing more efficiently using precast walls designed to help level up their skills. Gain a unique understanding of modern construction methods by learning about precast walls that include doors and windows using our specially designed molds. Learning how to install them equips creators with the skills to build larger, more complex structures, while stimulating a range of cognitive and motor skills in the process.

Activities Include:

  • Brick laying
  • Masonry wall building
  • Formwork installation
  • Concrete pouring for pre-cast walls
  • Roof structure installation
  • Roof tiles laying
  • Painting

Number of Pieces: 148
Number of Designs: 3
Dimensions: (L) 38.00cm x (W) 28.00cm x  (H) 9.50cm
Weight: 3.54kg

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