Lake House (10+)



Lake House: See the world from a whole new, elevated angle with your own modern Lake House.
Stretch your imagination while learning advanced construction techniques used by real engineers to design multi-floored, uniquely shaped buildings. Assemble your own molds for our patented cement mix to create any shape your design needs.

Lake House is part of the Bildits Advanced Series. Real-world construction and engineering, just in miniature. In addition to our patented cement mix, these kits include bubble level indicators, reinforced concrete, a measuring tape and a variety of versatile molds. Young creators can push the limits of their creativity while emulating a real construction site at home. Learn to build multi-angle columns, stairs, balconies, circular-shaped structures and so much more.

Activities Include:

  • Brick laying
  • Masonry wall building
  • Formwork installation
  • Concrete pouring for reinforced foundation (using wire mesh)
  • Concrete pouring for base
  • Concrete pouring for columns
  • Concrete pouring for slabs
  • Roof structure installation
  • Roof tiles laying
  • Painting

Number of Pieces:
Number of Designs: 2
Dimensions: (L) 38.50cm x (W) 36.00cm x (H) 13.50cm
Weight: 5.62kg

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