The Chalet (10+)



The Chalet: Intricate details, modern designs and a host of unique structures.
The Chalet kit gets creators ready to build like a real engineer! Gain a deeper understanding of actual construction processes that can be applied to other builds, while learning to use build and install reinforced concrete columns using the special molds provided.

The Chalet is part of the Bildits Advanced Series. Real-world construction and engineering, just in miniature. In addition to our patented cement mix, these kits include bubble level indicators, reinforced concrete, a measuring tape and a variety of versatile molds. Young creators can push the limits of their creativity while emulating a real construction site at home. Learn to build multi-angle columns, stairs, balconies, circular-shaped structures and so much more.

Activities Include:

  • Brick laying
  • Masonry wall building
  • Formwork installation
  • Concrete pouring for reinforced foundation (using wire mesh)
  • Concrete pouring for base
  • Concrete pouring for columns
  • Concrete pouring for slabs
  • Roof structure installation
  • Roof tiles laying
  • Painting

Number of Pieces:
Number of Designs: 1
Dimensions: (L) 38.50cm x (W) 36.00cm x (H) 13.50cm
Weight: 3.94kg

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